Spa Specials


Body Contouring Specials

BTL Vanquish-

Do you have  problem area you cannot seem to get rid of with diet and exercise? BTL Vanquish could be the solution to that answer! 

For a limited time you can take advantage of this great price reduction:

$375 per hour no package purchased. 

Get an additional discount by purchasing a package:

4 sessions 10% off- $1,125 ($281 Per hour)

6 sessions 15% off- $1,350 ($225 Per hour)

8 sessions 20% off- $1,500 ($188 Per hour)

For appointment call 503-479-7111

BTL Exilis-

Although the final physical transformation is seen after a few months, and after four to six treatment sessions, patients who choose this option for aesthetic improvements report feeling satisfied with their outcomes.

Discount Price Per Area:

$100 per session-Small area regular price (Forehead, Around eyes, Upper Cheek, Lower Cheek, or around mouth)

$150 per session-Medium area regular price (Under Chin, or Neck)

$200 per session- Large area regular price (Abdomen, Flanks, lower back, Thighs, or upper arms)

Full Face:

$260 per session

Two Medium areas:

$260 per session

Two large areas:

$360 per session

Get an additional discount by purchasing a package:

4 Sessions 10% off

6 Sessions 15% off

8 Sessions 20% off

For appointment call 503-479-7111